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Has fear or anxiety been preventing you from receiving the dental care you need? For some people, visiting their dentist can be so daunting that they put it off until their pain and discomfort is too severe to ignore.

But when it comes to your dental care, the sooner you act the better. Early intervention is often less invasive, more cost effective, and can reduce the risk of long term problems from occurring.

Unfortunately, dental anxiety can make accessing early dental intervention difficult. And it’s more common than you may think. Eight in ten Australians experience some form of anxiety when visiting their dentist.

Dental anxiety has a range of impacts. Not only does it contribute to unnecessary discomfort, but it can increase serious risk from occurring due to panic interfering with a procedure. This not only makes it difficult for the patient, but for the dental team, too.

And while at Dental Boutique Mornington, we’ve cultivated a calm, soothing environment to make your dental trip that little bit easier, we understand that sometimes this isn’t enough.

That’s where sleep dentistry comes in.



Sleep Dentistry Explained

Sleep dentistry refers to receiving a dental procedure while being under general anesthesia (GA). This allows our patients to avoid the anxiety, stress or panic that may surface during a dental procedure by being put to “sleep” for the duration of the dental work.

This practice is virtually pain-free and ensures a smooth procedure. Not only can our patients feel at ease, but it allows our expert dentists to perform dental work without fear of panic-induced interference.

Sleep dentistry is performed alongside a general anaesthetic dentist who administers a safe dosage of general anesthesia. Under general anesthesia, your nerve system fully relaxes, allowing you to reach a state of total calm. Some patients are so calm that they have no memory of the procedure at all.

It has proven to be a powerful tool for many Dental Boutique Mornington patients who would otherwise not have the confidence to follow through with their appointment.

Should You Consider Sleep Dentistry?

If you have wondered if you could be put to sleep for dental work, then it’s likely you would benefit from Sleep Dentistry here in Mornington.

Sleep dentistry may be the safest, most streamlined dental option for a range of people.

Patients who suffer from anxiety or fear

Of course, patients with fear, anxiety, trauma or a phobia around visiting the dentist benefit from sleep dentistry the most. It provides them with a stress-free alternative that allows them to maintain their mental health while also taking care of their dental health.

Patients with a low pain tolerance

Everyone’s tolerance for pain is different, and some of our patients experience a heightened sensitivity when it comes to their oral nerve endings. For those who experience a high level of pain when receiving oral care treatment, sleep dentistry offers a virtually pain-free alternative.

Patients with resistance to local anesthetics

Not everybody responds the same to local anesthetics, and for those who have built a resistance to them, then general anesthesia administered by a general anesthesia dentist may be the way to go.

Patients with small mouths

Patients with small mouths may feel strained or uncomfortable during a lengthy procedure, and this physical fatigue may impact accessibility for our expert dentists. So in some instances, sleep dentistry can remove that fatigue and discomfort without impacting accessibility.

If you experience any of the above, and wish to speak with one of our friendly team members to learn more about our sleep dentistry procedures at Dental Boutique Mornington, you can contact us today.

Is Sleep Dentistry the Same as IV Sedation Dentistry?

While sleep dentistry and IV sedation dentistry (or sedation dentistry) work to relieve anxiety and discomfort during dental work, they do so differently.

IV sedation dentistry utilises an intravenous method that allows you to be awake for the process. The sedation takes place quickly after administration and can be tailored to your needs as the dental work progresses.

While you may struggle to remember the procedure, you won’t be put to “sleep”, as you would with Sleep Dentistry.


Sleep Dentistry Cost

We believe that your financial situation shouldn’t prevent you from accessing the dental care and relief you need to love your smile. Which is why at Dental Boutique Mornington, we offer a range of payment options to support you in receiving the care you need, beginning from as little as $70 a week.

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Sleep Dentist Near Me

Dental Boutique Mornington provides a holistic approach to your dental care needs, so you can feel confident in your smile today and long into the future.

Not only are we an award-winning dental clinic powered by capable experts in the field, but we deeply care about your experience.

Which is why we have cultivated a clinic that puts relaxation front and centre from the moment you step in. We do this by taking the time to understand your anxiety and concerns, and build a plan with tailored support to ensure you are receiving the care and confidence you deserve.

So whether you are looking for sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry near you, you’ll be in safe hands with Dental Boutique Mornington.


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