Why Do I Keep Getting Dental Problems?

At Dental Boutique, we pride ourselves in being an excellent problem solver. No problem is ever too difficult for us to solve and we pride ourselves on delivering simple, minimal discomfort, predictable and proven outcomes you can see before treatment. We are committed to solving your dental problems — big or small.

How And Why Do Dental Problems Occur?

Many of our patients come to us with very complex problems. These include widespread gum disease and teeth decay. While some of the diseases in the mouth are preventable (such as decay can be prevented by good brushing and cleaning), there are cases where diseases set in through no fault of their own.

There Are Four Main Reasons Why Dental Problems Keep Recurring:

1. Lack Of Knowledge About Oral Hygiene And Care

Having not been exposed to good oral hygiene or good care, limited visits to the dentist and past traumatic dental experiences as a child, often lead to poor oral hygiene and lack of knowledge of proper care. Childhood years are the most formative years and where children form lifelong habits. It is often difficult to change bad habits formed as a child. Over time their teeth may gradually deteriorate and mouth diseases start to form, increasing the likelihood of additional mouth problems such as gum disease, dental decay, tooth infection and losing teeth. Dental Boutique welcomes patients who have suffered from long-term problems with their oral health and adverse effects from not visiting the dentist. Be assured that together, we can help you overcome these problems.

2. Genetics

A lot of diseases that we know have very close link to genes, and one of them is gum disease. We all know and have heard of people losing teeth although they have been getting cleans done and visiting their dentist regularly. More often than not, these patients would have siblings or parents who are experiencing the same thing. It’s very similar to hair loss. People with hair loss do not necessarily neglect their hair hygiene which includes shampooing and conditioning. However, they keep losing hair no matter what they do, just like how some patients lose teeth because of a genetic trait.

3. Dental Anxiety And Fear

Most dental phobia is caused by a traumatic past dental experience. Bad dental experience may not necessary be a physical experience such as painful needle injections or bad gag reflex. It can also be a psychological experience such as the feeling of loss of control when lying in the dental chair, feeling worried of being humiliated or judged by the treating dentist or the feeling of disappointment with past dental work. Dental anxiety can be exacerbated by external factors such as noise from the dental equipment, and the smell of the dental clinic. These experiences could prevent patients actually visiting the dentist and avoid it at all costs.

4. Medically Compromised Patients

Patients that are medically compromised are more likely to have mouth diseases and dental problems, as there is a very close link between the health of the body and health of the mouth. We see a lot more breakdown in the mouth in medically compromised patients as they have higher intake of medications and treatment that have an effect on the mouth.

This is why at Dental Boutique we pride ourselves in ensuring our patients not only have a great result, but also that we offer our patients with a number of virtually minimal discomfort options to ensure a comfortable, minimal discomfort and anxiety free journey.

We have helped a lot of patients overcome dental anxiety and fear and with our team of highly trained and qualified dentists who have a special interest in treating anxious patients. We have transformed many formerly anxious patients who now feel at the ease while visiting us.

It is tempting to put off going to the dentist, however problems only get worse over time if not addressed when they arise. It’s the old adage, prevention is better than a cure. Let’s move forward and not look at the past.

Treatment Options

Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution and the results can be truly life changing. Our aim is to listen and discuss with you all the suitable options and provide you with necessary information.

Does It Hurt?

Naturally, some dental procedures may cause some discomfort depending on treatment type and individual pain threshold.

We endeavour to ensure you you are as comfortable as possible during treatments and offer sedation options for those fearful of treatment, so you can wake up to your new smile without feeling a thing!

Why Dental Boutique

As an advanced practice, we are experienced in providing the best that dentistry has to offer today with a great range of dental solutions to meet your dental needs and desires. We understand that each patient who comes in has different desires and needs. Taking in consideration you dental concerns, health, personality and unique smile characteristics, we:

  • Evaluate your needs and desires and explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment.
  • Offer you a range of smile solutions options which is personalised to your smile.
  • Do not favour one treatment option over another as we have a group of dentists with different special interests under one roof, allowing you to make an informed decision and one that you are comfortable with.