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Smile Makeover


Designing a Smile that Will Change Your Life

Get a Smile Makeover with Us at Dental Boutique And Be Transformed

A smile is powerful. It’s one of the first things we notice about a person and it’s also what sticks out the most in many occasions. Your smile is your ticket to a better you.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the best smile they can possibly have. Whether it be through bad experiences and wrong decisions, some of us lose our reason to smile. But don’t worry. There’s still hope for you! You can get back your lustrous smile and gain the confidence and joy of showing the world a version of you that you can be proud of. 

You might have noticed on television a few stories of smile makeovers – the ecstatic expressions after new smiles are revealed? They’re not staged. We see them all the time when our Melbourne patients get a glimpse of their smile makeovers. Tears of joy. Overwhelming happiness. Hugs from loved ones. It all happens. 

That’s because there’s great benefit to getting your smile redone, and if you think you need a smile makeover, don’t hold back on that desire. Get ready because your life will truly be changed through this decision you are about to make.

Are you ready for your smile makeover?

Our Goal When Giving You Your Smile Makeover

Give you a smile that you love.

It’s important that you’re happy with yourself, and we want you to experience self appreciation by giving you a smile you will be proud of.

Promote healthy teeth and gums.

Function is just as important as form to us. We don’t want your teeth and gums to just look good, we want them to feel good as well. Gum and teeth health are of high priority when getting the results you want.

Provide you with long lasting results.

We want to give you a smile that will last a very long time. Giving you a long term solution is our goal.

The Latest Technology and Best Practitioners

At Dental Boutique we marry the best of the best with the most efficient technology. We have dental practitioners who have been working on their craft for many years, and we equip them with the latest technology available to us. When designing your perfect smile to be, we use a combination of videos and a digital clone of the patient which is assembled from photos taken in our studio, X-rays and 3D imagery.

The Latest Technology and Best Practitioners

At Dental Boutique we marry the best of the best with the most efficient technology. We have dental practitioners who have been working on their craft for many years, and we equip them with the latest technology available to us. When designing your perfect smile to be, we use a combination of videos and a digital clone of the patient which is assembled from photos taken in our studio, X-rays and 3D imagery.

3 Steps to Your New and Improved Smile

01. Consultation

The first step to your makeover is a time to sit down and discuss what you’d like to see change in your smile and how we want to achieve those goals. We start off with a chat over coffee or tea then move to take photos of your current smile. From there we evaluate your smile with you involved in the planning all the way so you have a foot into the plan. 

We also take the time to walk you through some of the previous cases we might have had in the past to use as a peg for our plan to achieving your new smile. A big win for this step would be to build clarity on your aesthetic concerns and provide you with all the treatment options and how much each of them will cost.

This is a non-obligation assessment. We want you to feel for sure that we at Dental Boutique are the right partners for you in your smile journey.

02. Trial

Once we have decided on the choice treatment that will help us achieve our goals, we will start to design your ideal smile based on your aspirations, facial shape, color and personal characteristics. 

We start with a photo and video shoot in our studio to evaluate your smile, and to begin collecting information for your Smile Trial Design Session. We will present every possible option to you so you can make decisions based on all information necessary.

At this point, we are ready to trial your smile and get it right so we can minimise any errors that might happen along the way. With the right plan in place, our chances of success become a whole lot higher.

03. Transform your Smile

Once we have the best available smile makeover plan in place and when we’re happy with the trial smile, we’re ready to get to work! Transforming your smile can be achieved in as little as two dental visits to our Melbourne clinic (depending on the treatment you select). Our procedures are all available with a painless solution. So if you have dental fear, you have all the reasons to trust us. We will make sure you feel safe all throughout the journey.

The Most Popular Dental Treatments for The Bride and Groom to Be

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We often experience teeth discolouration through the food we eat and drinks we consume. Thankfully it’s possible to fix discoloured teeth through tooth whitening. A whiter and brighter smile does wonders to rejuvenate your appearance.We have a market-leading, safe and highly effective treatment plan that can get your teeth up to eight shades brighter in just one appointment.


Get straighter teeth without anyone noticing! From the day you start your journey to straighter teeth to even the big day itself, people will never notice your treatment plan! That’s because Invisalign uses clear aligners to do the work of making your teeth perfect for your wedding day. Dental Boutique has been an Invisalign Platinum Elite awardee three years in a row. So you can be sure you get the best Invisalign treatment here with us.
Gum Re-Contouring

Gum Contouring

For patients with gummy smiles, we provide gum contouring, a process of removing excess gum tissue that might be covering your teeth through a laser technique. Get more of your beautiful teeth exposed for those big happy smiles.
Dental Implants

Dental Implants

If you need a few teeth replaced to complete your smile, we can also do dental implants for you. When replacing teeth individually, we add a porcelain crown to strengthen and preserve the tooth. For those who are in need of bigger teeth replacements, we also have the revolutionary All on 4 treatment that can give you a full new set of teeth.
Dental Implants

Traditional Orthodontics

When your wedding costs are a little too steep for you and you need a cheaper alternative to fixing your smile, we also provide traditional orthodontics. We can provide you with ordinary braces or more discreet versions such as ceramic or lingual ones.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are your fastest solution to a beautiful smile. We use ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that we bond directly over your teeth to close gaps, alter colour, change the size or realign teeth. We make sure to perfectly match the colour of the porcelain laminates to your existing teeth that we might keep exposed.
Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

A cheaper alternative to Porcelain Veneers, dental bonding has the same outcome but one that might not last as long. Using a resin material, we augment to your teeth to give it the perfect look you need to flash that smile with confidence.
Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns are one of the most effective solutions to severely decayed and damaged teeth. Dental Boutique has been offering this treatment for a number of years now and can bring you the best results necessary for you.
Porcelain Fillings or Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Porcelain Fillings or Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-coloured fillings are an aesthetically better alternative to metal mercury fillings. They help cover up and treat decay, cavities, and filling discolouration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For many people having crooked or imperfect teeth greatly inhibits their smiling, so they rarely smile, or smile very self-consciously. What encouragement can you give to such people regarding your services?

It’s common for people to have self-esteem problems due to issues with their teeth. But the beauty about that is there’s always hope. Every case that has come to us was a hopeful one. We don’t believe in hopeless scenarios. So you have all the reason to believe that your smile can get better with the right treatment and that you can have the confidence you need to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Also many people are worried about having too much of a “gummy smile”. Is that something you can help with, and if so, how?

Yes. We have treatments that can help with treating gummy smiles. We have treatments like dental bonding or getting veneers to correct the proportion of your teeth to your gums, for instance. You can also opt for gum contouring where we shape your gums to the size and shape they need to be. There are multiple ways to correct gummy smiles based on your specific and unique case.

You say that “each smile makeover is one-of-a-kind, because each of us has our own teeth, smile, facial structure and colouring.” Can you give some examples of these sorts of differences and what challenges they bring to your smile makeover work?

Our uniqueness goes beyond just our smile. The shape of your face, colour of your skin, length of your lips, and even shade of your eyes can all contribute to having a different smile. People with thicker lips- for example- might need a smile with bigger teeth to match the thickness of their lips so that they don’t look undersized.

What’s the typical time frame for a smile makeover - eg the minimum, and why, and the maximum, and why?

Dental treatment times vary with the treatments. Here’s a quick run down on the lead times needed to make certain treatments happen.

  • Braces – At least one year
  • Invisalign – At least one year
  • Dental Implants – At least three months
  • Porcelain Veneers – At least four weeks
  • Porcelain and Crown Bridge – At least two weeks
  • Teeth Whitening – Two visits, maximum of four
  • Dental Bonding or Tooth Coloured Filling – One visit, maximum of two

What sorts of reasons or occasions motivate people to see you about getting a smile makeover?

People get better smiles for various occasions – weddings, graduations, awarding ceremonies. And there are also some people who get it for no occasion whatsoever. They just want better smiles.

What’s the oldest and the younger patient you’ve had who are specifically looking for a smile makeover?

As soon as children start getting permanent teeth, they can start with smile makeovers if they’d like. We’ve also had senior patients many times. It’s never too late to get the smile you want.

Of the procedures which you use to improve a person’s smile, which are the least and most invasive?

Some of our minimally invasive dental procedures include getting dental implants and veneers. These are generally painless and do not change your lifestyle in any way.

Are there any career demographics where people are more prone to wanting to improve their smile, eg actors, models, or even other dentists?

We have many patients who are TV personalities, Youtube stars and the like. But the smile makeover is really for anyone from any walk of life. It’s not just celebrities who deserve smiles that they can be proud of. You deserve it as well and you can have it if you want.

Do you sometimes encounter people who have lost their ability to smile, because they’ve been too self-conscious about it for too long? If so, what are compatible exercises or actions they can take, once their smile has been improved, to learn to smile again? Eg might you recommend a series of outings to the Melbourne comedy festival to laugh their smile back to good health?

We’ve found that giving people a smile they can be proud of is a significant enough change to give people reason to smile again. It takes a while to get attuned to, but in time it becomes a part of their life. That’s not to say that your smile is the only factor in building self-esteem. There are other factors of course. But getting a great smile is one of them.

Are there ever people who come to see you who have unrealistic expectations about a smile makeover? Eg are there things they’d like you to do that you just can’t do?

This is what the first step- the consultation- is for. We want to make sure that all expectations are met. The first step to that is discussing them. Now there is a very small fraction of people who come in that we know can get help elsewhere. We will not deprive you of that. But most of the cases we have are issues we can definitely address, and we do everything we can to make sure all expectations are expressed and met.

Is teeth whitening almost always a part of a smile makeover?

Not necessarily. There are cases where whitening is not a step we need to take.

In this age of social media are you seeing an increase in demand for smile makeovers and cosmetic dentistry in general compared to the pre-social media time 10 years of more ago?

Not that we have noticed. The demand for bright and healthy smiles has been around for many many years. Not everyone needs to show it off to the whole world. Many of our patients just want healthy teeth.

What is the cost range of your smile makeover treatments?

Our cost range can really vary a lot. It will always depend on the current situation of your teeth and where you want to be. We can discuss with you and come up with the closest ballpark figure during a consultation. If money is your primary concern, we also provide comfortable payment plans to help you out.

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