Meet the team –

Dr Callisthenis Yiannis

Dental Boutique Dentist


Dr Callisthenis embarked on his dental journey at the University of Melbourne, earning a Doctor of Dental Surgery with Distinction. Graduating at the top of his class, he garnered multiple academic awards of excellence. His commitment to advancing dental knowledge is evident through his substantial contributions to research in Oral Biology, Oncology, Immunity, and Public Health.

With a comprehensive understanding of dentistry, Callisthenis has enriched his professional background by serving in both private and public dental clinics across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria. This diverse experience has broadened his scope of practice and deepened his knowledge in multifaceted dentistry. His time in varied clinical settings has honed his skills, particularly in the realms of restorative and aesthetic dentistry, making him a proficient and well-rounded dental professional.

Callisthenis believes that fostering open communication is paramount in building a strong dentist-patient relationship. Through transparent discussions and educational efforts, he empowers his patients to actively participate in their dental care discussions. This collaborative approach not only alleviates anxiety but also promotes a sense of partnership in achieving and maintaining a healthy smile they are proud of.
In addition to his professional dedication to dentistry, Callisthenis has extended his skills through voluntary dental work in Kathmandu, Nepal. Leading a well-rounded lifestyle, he incorporates regular gym sessions, attends cultural events, and finds creative joy in cooking. These personal pursuits reflect his commitment to holistic well-being, influencing his approach to patient care in the dental field.

Let’s craft a unique smile that exceeds your expectations, igniting a transformative journey where functionality and aesthetic beauty intertwine in perfect harmony.

– Dr Callisthenis Yiannis