Meet the team –

Dr Joshua Soh

Dental Boutique Dentist


Dr Joshua Soh is a cosmetic dentist from the University of Adelaide. Having worked across Melbourne in both general and cosmetic dental practices, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills to motivate his patients to achieve a healthy and happy smile they can be proud of.

Dr Josh’s compassion and keen attention to detail has helped transform many of his patients’ lives. He understands the profound impact a smile has on our confidence and ability to express ourselves. He has helped his patients regain confidence in smiling and expressions of joy. Helping people be happy is what drives Dr Josh to do his best for every person who walks through his doors.

Raised in a family of dentists, Dr Josh was taught from a young age to appreciate every opportunity to help others. His drive to excel in cosmetic dentistry is fuelled by his desire to help others become the best version of themselves. Being part of someone’s dental journey is a privilege and where he finds fulfilment in his work.

Outside of work, Dr Josh loves spending time with his 5 siblings and his nieces and nephews. He stays active at the gym and golf course. He loves traveling and trying new exotic foods!


Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

– Dr Joshua Soh