Meet the team –

Dr Lisa Liu

Dental Boutique Dentist


Dr. Lisa Liu is a gentle, compassionate dentist who believes in the importance of providing both extraordinary results and an enjoyable patient experience. Dr. Lisa Liu grew up in New Zealand, then moved across the sea and graduated from the University of Queensland with Class I Honours in 2016. Prior to working at Dental Boutique, Dr. Lisa had experience working in both rural and metro areas, meeting people from all walks of life and performing all aspects of general dentistry. Over the years, she developed a strong passion for cosmetic dentistry for how it truly changes the confidence and lives of her patients.

Dr. Lisa spends time to understand patient’s concerns and goals to work together towards the individualised smile that her patients have always dreamed of. Being a person who loves to smile, Dr. Lisa understands the importance of a confident smile and is committed to creating them. Dr. Lisa’s eye for aesthetics as well as her meticulous attention to detail enable her to create beautiful, natural smiles. Her gentle chairside manner as well as her genuine connection to her patients allow her patients to feel comfortable throughout the their journey. To ensure everyone achieves their most optimal result, Dr. Lisa regularly immerses herself in continuing professional education.

Outside of work, Dr. Lisa also teaches Pilates and yoga. She loves to see the world, and share all her favourite experiences, especially in New Zealand. She can be found spending time with her loved ones, including her adorable ginger cat Garfield.


The smile is the window to your soul; and beautiful souls deserve beautiful smiles

– Dr Lisa Liu