Meet the team –

Dr Paul Shalhoub

Dental Boutique Dentist



For Dr Paul, dentistry isn’t a job, it’s a passion. His greatest satisfactions in the surgery come from not only being able to help his patients achieve their dental goals in the way that suits them best, but also to educate them along the way to be able to make informed dental decisions now and in the future.

Dr Paul is fortunate enough to not only live out this passion every day with his patients in Sydney, but also abroad. Overseas, he has spent many weeks volunteering in areas like Honduras and Cambodia, delivering much required dental treatment to those in need.


Dr Paul understands that having a passion for something, doesn’t directly lead to results. To be the best, it takes knowledge and experience. Dr Paul graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Dental Science where he achieved a Dean’s Award in Excellence. After graduating university, he immersed himself in hours of continuing education with some of the best educators and specialists in the world, to fast track his pathway to providing the highest level of care to his patients.



Cosmetic dentistry is both an art and a science. Every patient is different, and no two treatment plans are the same. For Dr Paul, the first step in the process requires being able to listen to and understand his patients’ wants and needs. Step two involves presenting options that can achieve those wants and needs, and then supporting his patient in whichever option suits them best. The third step is executing the plan, and is where his perfectionist nature shines through. The fourth and final step, and his personal favourite, is the reveal. This is where he gets the most joy, because he sees how someone’s life changes with their new found confidence in their dream smile.



Contrary to what some may expect, he also finds great joy in treating anxious patients, as he finds it extremely rewarding. Although the anxiety is caused by many different things, he knows that anxiety is often reduced when patients feel understood and heard. This is something that has to be done together. In some cases it means doing treatment in stages. But in all cases, being able to help this patient become comfortable in a dental setting again and to obtain their goals, is something he loves.



Outside of the dental surgery, Dr Paul will be spending time with his wife Katherine, their son Oliver (born 2022) and their dog Caesar. If he’s not with them, he’ll be playing basketball, at the beach with friends, or staying fit in the gym.


You can find him on Instagram, or on YouTube, where he posts educational videos for both patients and dentists to learn from. You may also find him featuring on an occasional podcast, which are aimed at educating dentists on different topics.



  • Residency Program in Aesthetic Dentistry with Dr Ed McLaren, Los Angeles USA
  • Master Clinician Implant Program with gIDE, Los Angeles USA
  • Mastering Aligning with Dr Morris Rapaport
  • Mini Prosthodontic Residency with Dr Tony Rotondo and Dr Michael Mandikos, Brisbane
  • Simplifying Complex with Dr William Strupp and Dr Michael Brumm, Florida USA
  • The Workshop V2 with Dr Michael Melkers and Dr Lane Ochi, Denver USA
  • Discovering Direct Composite Through the Eyes of a Prosthodontist with Dr Tony Rotondo, Brisbane
  • Anterior Cosmetic Superlecture – Indirect and Direct Masterclass with Dr Michael Mandikos and Dr Terry Wong, Melbourne
  • Rapid Efficient Treatment Planning with Dr Lincoln Harris, Melbourne