Meet the team –

Dr Tristen Lim

Dental Boutique Dentist


Dr Tristen embarked on his dental journey at the University of Queensland, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Science with Honours. Following his studies, he worked in private practice on the Sunshine Coast, refining his skills in both restorative and aesthetic dentistry. This hands-on experience equipped him with a comprehensive understanding of the diverse aspects of dental care. 

Dr Tristen is driven to incorporate the latest advancements in technology and techniques within his practice. He holds a deep-seated passion for all facets of dentistry, with a special focus on Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontics. Notably, he is on the verge of completing a post-graduate diploma in Orthodontics, further augmenting his proficiency in offering comprehensive orthodontic solutions for his patients. 

One of Dr Tristen’s standout attributes is his proficiency in cultivating strong, enduring connections with his patients. He places great emphasis on active listening to grasp their concerns and aspirations. Recognising that dental visits can provoke anxiety in many individuals, Dr Tristen exudes a calming presence and employs a gentle approach to ensure his patients feel comfortable and at ease throughout their dental journeys. His unwavering commitment to providing an stress-free and welcoming environment underscores his dedication to his patients’ well-being. 

Dr Tristen also places great importance on maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle, frequently working out at the gym. His appreciation for nature drives him to embark on invigorating hikes, providing a harmonious counterpoint to his professional endeavours. Additionally, Dr Tristen nurtures a passion for cooking, using it as an outlet to unwind and explore his creative side.


Embrace each day with gratitude,  kindness, and a quest for learning.

– Dr Tristen Lim