What Can’t You Do After Teeth Whitening?

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 03-02-2023

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If you’re considering getting your teeth whitened, you might be concerned about the aftercare process. This article will include the dos and dont’s post-whitening treatment and offer you the best way to ensure your new pearly-whites stay immaculate. After all, your smile is what people first notice.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening is way more beneficial than home-based whitening techniques, and here are a multitude of reasons why. According to Mayo Clinic, whitening toothpaste can’t change the natural colour of your teeth.

  • Expedited procedures and results. Instead of going back and forth for home treatment kits, a dentist can do this within a single hour.
  • The colour of your teeth is tailored to your needs, such as the level of brightness you’re aiming for.
  • A professional, customised method for your oral health. A dentist will cater to your teeth and unique care requirements.
  • The treatment is safer as opposed to whitening kits and bleaching gel. Getting this done professionally won’t cause as much sensitivity or irritation.

Why should I avoid store-bought teeth whitening kits?

Although store-bought whitening kits may seem like they offer an instant, brighter smile, why don’t dentist’s recommend them? Top results are promised within minutes, but unfortunately these can damage enamel when overused.

DIY kits from stores can also potentially do damage to gums as they contain hydrogen peroxide, cause chemical burns to your tongue, tissue, or gums by unsafe mouthguards, and possible mouth infections. Teeth whitening is a great confidence-booster, but if you’re aiming to do it from home, you should obtain a kit by a dental professional.

How long after teeth whitening can I eat normally?

What can’t you do after teeth whitening? If you’re concerned about tweaking your current meal plan, don’t stress about changing your routine. The wait after whitening isn’t long.

After your treatment, there are limits on what you can eat as this can cause staining, but you only need to wait at least 48 hours after whitening. You can enjoy cake and chocolate sooner rather than later.

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Why does teeth whitening cause sensitivity?

The teeth whitening process can cause sensitive teeth, also known as dentinal hypersensitivity. This is due to the dental bleaching chemicals entering the enamel of your teeth, which can reach the nerves.

However, don’t be alarmed or stressed by this. Tooth sensitivity post-whitening doesn’t last any longer than 48 hours, and it is completely normal.

What to eat after teeth whitening?

What foods to avoid after teeth whitening? Although there are a lot of limitations in terms of what you can’t consume, there are many foods you can still enjoy. If you’re worried about what to eat after teeth whitening or committing to a “White Diet”, you can still be creative in terms of what you can eat. If you’re a sweet tooth, you can still have your fair share of sweet food!


  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Eggs or egg whites
  • Low-fat white yogurt
  • Cereals or oats that are plain white


  • White sandwiches with white cheese
  • Cream cheeses with bagels
  • White fish
  • Nuts such as cashews and almonds


  • Chicken
  • Jacket potatoes
  • Cauliflower
  • Tofu
  • White rice
  • Uncoloured pasta


  • Yogurt
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Original potato chips
  • Pretzels

What foods to avoid after teeth whitening?

1. Avoid any food that can stain

What can’t you do after teeth whitening? If you’re a big meat eater, you may need to restrain yourself for a while. Acidic, greasy foods such as red meat, dark sauces, coloured spices, pigmented berries, citrus fruits, milk chocolate, and artificial sweets can damage your enamel.

2. Avoid tobacco-based products

Any kind of tobacco can yellow teeth over time, but this isn’t recommended post-whitening. Cut back on smoking cigarettes to prevent stubborn stains from becoming a problem.

3. Avoid dental products with colour

As your teeth will be feeling extra sensitive after treatment, you’ll need to be using toothpaste specific to sensitive teeth. Avoid mouthwashes or kinds of toothpaste that are coloured, such as charcoal. If in doubt, check out the best toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

4. Avoid coloured beverages

Love your morning coffees? This may need to be substituted with herbal teas for the time being. Peppermint tea or chamomile tea is always delicious. Don’t brush your teeth after red wine, avoid energy drinks, fruit juices, tea, soft drinks, and beer. However, you can drink through a straw if you can’t go without your favorite drinks!

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How to rehydrate after whitening

With the white food diet after teeth whitening, how do you keep yourself hydrated? Your mouth may feel dehydrated up to 7 days after your treatment since the bleaching process raises the temperature of your teeth.

This is why it’s important to keep it moist with regular water intake at room temperature and to refrain from drinking or eating anything too hot or too cold.

How to care for teeth post-treatment

If this is your first time getting your teeth whitened, teeth whitening aftercare is essential to keeping your teeth as healthy as possible.

  • Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day, and floss to prevent plaque build-up. This is an essential daily practice and will ensure your teeth shine.
  • Erase all of the nasty bacteria from food. Make use of antiseptic mouthwash and rinse your mouth after each meal.
  • Take pain relievers over the counter for any pain issues, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen. This will help if your teeth are aching.
  • If you love to wear makeup daily, switch your lip gloss or non-staining lipstick. You don’t want red or pink stains on your teeth.

How can your dentist assist you further?

After your whitening session, our experienced dentists can offer countless options to support you post-treatment. You can be prescribed a prescription for toothpaste with specific strength, and gels to help with sensitivity. You can book follow-up appointments if needed.

Most importantly, if you have any questions about what you can’t do after teeth whitening, contact our dental professionals at the Dental Boutique. Your new smile is ahead of you.