What Is All On Implants Procedure?

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 13-12-2021

Now, my job is to make people smile and I focus on making really beautiful smiles, healthy smiles and very aesthetically pleasing teeth. One of the ways to make my patients smile is, when I give the options to get a smile right, one of the options would be an All on Implant option. Then they start smiling quite widely.

What All on Implant in dental terms means is that we put four implants in a jaw and attached to the four implants would be a set of teeth. Now, let’s use the upper jaw for example. So you put two implants in the back and two implants on the front. And attaching to them would be the fixed bridge.

Now, in the past what dentists usually do is that they put the implants in and you gotta wait between three to six month before you can even put the teeth in. What it means is as a patient it basically means you’ll be out of teeth for three to six months or you have a very ill-fitting denture to wear during the period, which can be very uncomfortable.


All on Implant is actually a technology that was founded in Portugal and has been around for quite a while so it’s not actually a new technology but it’s something that has gained traction in quite a few years because there’s many benefits to it. Now, one of them is that you actually get teeth in a day or maximum would be three days. So you put the implants in and within three days, you get a full set of teeth in your mouth. And you can smile from then on. So that’s one big benefit.

Second benefit is that you don’t have to walk around without any teeth. And that’s so important because if you’re working and you’ve got important tasks, you don’t want to be walking around without any teeth. So All on Implant is actually very very important and really good.

So basically All on Implant helps patients who’ve got ill-fitting dentures. So you don’t have to worry about your dentures falling while you’re talking or rubbing against your gums when you’re eating. It helps with patients who’ve got gum disease and you cannot save your teeth anymore because they were ravaged by bacteria- ravaged by decay. And all these teeth have to go because it’s not healthy. And you find that patients with gum disease or not very healthy teeth have got a very strong link to ill health because it can link to bad heart disease, stroke, diabetes, complications during pregnancy and even rheumatoid arthritis so be sure that if you’ve got dental issue you want to get them fixed up.

That being said, All on Implant is only one way to get teeth in. There are many different other ways but for you to find out what’s best for you, be certain that when you see your dentist be sure that he or she has knowledge in a lot of other avenues. Not just All on Implant, not just cones and bridges, not just veneers, but in multiple disciplines in dentistry so that you get the best option for your teeth.

Because once you’ve done something like an All on Implant, it’s irreversible. You can’t go back and say, “I want the All on Implant out. I want something else.” Once you’ve done it, it’s done. So do your research, do it well, do it once, and never do this again. So hopefully, I’ve helped you in this context, so next time if someone tells you All on Implant, you’ll be smiling for the right reasons.