Social Media Star & Australian YouTuber / Entrepreneur

Chloe Szepanowski is one of Australia’s most popular social media stars with over 633,000 Instagram followers and over 198,000 YouTube subscribers. Since her social media fame, Chloe has recently become an entrepreneur, founding an activewear line named Szep and is a co-owner of Well Web, a video streaming platform of health, nutrition and wellness. Chloe is always in front of the camera, and has never really liked her smile in photos and videos. She disliked the shape mainly and desired a brighter smile to help her feel more confident in her vlogs and career as a YouTuber. After finding us on Instagram, Chloe decided to visit Dental Boutique to explore her options and felt instantly comfortable and part of the Dental Boutique family to continue with treatment – even recommending her boyfriend and father of her son Artis, fellow YouTuber Mitchell Orval to complete treatment at Dental Boutique also!



Treatment Timeline

Chloe’s treatment was completed in 4 weeks and 5 visits.

1st visit: Comprehensive cosmetic smile examination and moulds and impressions for smile design. This included:

  • Comprehensive dental examination and explanation of findings
  • Soft tissue and gum check
  • Oral cancer check
  • Bite Analysis
  • A series of dental photographs
  • A discussion about your dental concerns, goals and desires
  • An opportunity to view examples of previous real-life clients
  • An opportunity to ask a dentist any questions you may have about our treatments
  • A personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs

2nd visit: Thorough dental scale and clean, teeth whitening consultation and in chair teeth whitening session completed

3rd visit: Wax up models shown to preview new smile and 10 temporary veneers and 10 gum lift completed

4th visit: Cementation of 10 porcelain veneers handmade by Master Ceramist and impressions for night splint completed

5th visit: Smile review and night splint and take home kit collected


The Results Speak For Themselves

View Chloe’s transformation. For more amazing smiles visit our 1,000 smiles gallery.

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