MKR Contestant On Channel 7, Fashion, Lifestyle & Mummy Blogger
Dental Concerns:
  • Teeth aren’t 100% straight
  • Short, gummy teeth and smile
  • Grinding has caused teeth to be worn down and become small

Zana is a qualified lawyer who was a contestant on popular cooking TV show MKR — My Kitchen Rules on Channel 7 with her husband Gianni. Since the show, Zana has become a mum of two boys, become a fashion, lifestyle and mum blogger and is the Director of her own Luxury Bayside Real Estate Development company. Prior to visiting Dental Boutique, Zana has never been completely happy with her smile as she felt her top teeth were slightly misaligned. She also felt that she had a gummy smile and preferred to show less gums and more teeth when smiling.

Since becoming pregnant with her first son Leonardo, Zana had started to clench and grind, which caused her teeth to wear down and become shorter over time. Zana and Gianni completed their smile makeovers together at Dental Boutique, as Zana says she and Gianni complete everything together and want the same things in life!


Porcelain veneers, gum recontouring and teeth whitening treatment was completed for Zana.

Treatment Timeline:

Zana’s treatment was completed in 4 weeks and 5 visits.

1st visit: Comprehensive cosmetic smile examination and moulds and impressions for smile design. This included:

  • Comprehensive dental examination and explanation of findings
  • Soft tissue and gum check
  • Oral cancer check
  • Bite Analysis
  • A series of dental photographs
  • A discussion about your dental concerns, goals and desires
  • An opportunity to view examples of previous real-life clients
  • An opportunity to ask a dentist any questions you may have about our treatments
  • A personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs

2nd visit: Thorough dental scale and clean, teeth whitening consultation and in-chair teeth whitening session completed

3rd visit: Wax-up models shown to preview new smile, 6 temporary veneers, and gum lift.

4th visit: Cementation of 6 porcelain veneers handmade by Master Ceramist and impressions for night splint completed

5th visit: Smile review and night splint and take-home kit collected

The Results Speak For Themselves

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