Do You Cover Your Mouth When You Smile?

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 23-01-2022

Do you cover your mouth when you smile? If you’re covering your mouth when you smile, it could be because of a few reasons. Working as a cosmetic dentist, we find that patients who don’t smile, it’s because they lack the confidence in smiling. They’re just not confident with their teeth, the way they look and they are very overall conscious with how they project themselves in front of the camera or to your friends and family. Smiling is such an asset, where it allows you to release endorphins when you smile. At the same time it allows your friends and family to be more relaxed because they people always want to surround themselves with happy people and happy people, guess what they do? They smile.

Now I’ve got two stories to share with you. One of them is my wife. Now, when we got married about nine, 10 years ago, she did not want to take any photos whatsoever because she hated her smile. She had two bucky front teeth and one very dark tooth from an accident in the past. The thing is when we started doing cosmetic work on her teeth, she then got more confident and if you look at our wedding photos, she was smiling brilliantly, and that’s the smile that you wanna get. Being able to smile freely and being able to smile more confidently.


For brides, a smile is so important because you want to capture that moment in the camera, and you want to always remember the special moment and you don’t want to not be smiling confidently, because it’s such an important moment in your life and you don’t want to miss out on it. Besides being able to smile in front of camera or being able to express freely, I’ve got a patient of mine who’s a real estate agent. And she hasn’t seen a dentist for about 20 years.

During that 20 years, she was, of course, the reason why she didn’t want to come see a dentist because she was really nervous. When she saw me, we did a smile makeover for her. One of the key transformation within her is that she became a lot more confident. And in her own words, she told me that it improved her career and her love life. And since then, what has happened is that she won three times consecutively the real estate agent for the year. So that makes a big difference in her and she was a real estate agent for the past 10, 15 years. And this is first time she won an award.

Now, it’s no difference in skill. There’s no difference in education or charisma that she had, but what she had was a brand new smile, which gave her the confidence to pursue things that she never thought she would pursue. Until the smile did you see the confidence. It can give you the freedom of expression. It allows you to actually pursue things that you never thought you may or you never thought you might dream of.

So to summarise, the reason why you might be covering your mouth when you smile is because potentially you might not be confident and I would advise you strongly to see a professional cosmetic dentist to actually get an opinion, so that it allows you to do the things that you never thought you could do. Now that being said, never overwrite internal confidence, never overwrite your personality, but it may help you a little bit in a journey in life to get something that you may want.