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Root Canal Treatment

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Endodontic Treatment, or more commonly known as a “Root Canal Treatment”, is a procedure aimed at treating an “Infected Tooth” with a dead or dying nerve.

Symptoms You May Experience

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Pain and swelling

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Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold

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Tenderness upon pressure – chewing or touch

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Discolouration of the tooth

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Pus drainage

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Tenderness in the lymph nodes

If such a tooth is left unattended it can cause severe discomfort or health risks due to infection. The common causes of a root canal infection are; deep decay, trauma to the tooth, crack or chip in the tooth, occasionally, the cause may be unknown.

At Dental Boutique, we invest in state of the art technology to perform root canal treatments predictably and successfully. Depending on the severity of the infection, root canal treatment can be carried out between 1-3 visits.

A small hole is drilled in the tooth, on the top for molars and at the back for front teeth. Specialised endodontic instruments are then placed in the root canal chamber to remove the infected nerve space.  The root chamber is thoroughly cleaned out and an antibiotic solution is placed inside the nerve chamber to help eradicate any remaining bacteria.

The root chamber is then filled in with a thick rubbery material to minimise the chance of any future reinfection and then the tooth is sealed off with a filling.

A crown is usually recommended for root canal treated teeth as they tend to become brittle over time due to loss of blood supply to the tooth and fracture, if not protected.

Root Canal

Why Get My Root Canal Treatment At Dental Boutique?

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Experience & Care

With more than 20 years of clinical dentistry experience, we will ensure your root canal experience is professional and relaxing at the highest level to achieve the best possible result for you.

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One Stop Dental Care

Our highly qualified dental team delivers the most comprehensive dentistry all under one roof, without the need to travel elsewhere.

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Flexible Payment Plans

Our boutique offers a number of flexible payment plan options, to suit most budgets, so you can get started with treatment now and pay later. 

Do You Need A Root Canal Treatment?

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How many dental visits do I need to complete my root canal treatment?

The time to complete your root canal treatment will vary from case to case. In general, most root canal treatments are completed in one visit due to the advancement of endodontic science and technology.

Should I just get my tooth removed instead?

You may be thinking, “why not have my tooth pulled out, especially since no one can see it”. However, it is important that you understand all your options, before making an informed decision. If you decide to remove the impacted tooth, it is advised that it is replaced with a denture, bridge or implant. You may find yourself out of pocket more in the long run. It is important that you seek advice from your dentist, so you understand all of your options available to you and the costs involved, so you can make an informed decision.

What will happen if I don’t do the root canal treatment?

If you decide against the advice of your dentist and do not complete root canal treatment, your impacted tooth will remain infected until the tooth has a root canal or is removed. If it is not treated, this could result in larger issues such as the infection spreading or an abscess being formed. The presence of an abscess is an indication that the infection has spread to the jawbone and surrounding issues. It is important that you see a dentist as soon as possible, to potentially avoid greater problems down the track.

How do I know if I have an abscessed tooth?

The main symptoms of an abscessed tooth consist of severe pain, swollen neck glands, pain when chewing, redness and swelling of the gums, tenderness in gums, sensitivity of the teeth to hot or cold and general discomfort and uneasiness. It is important that you seek advice from your dentist to determine the severity of your condition, as other factors could contribute to these symptoms.

My dentist gave me antibiotics and now my pain is gone. Is the infection gone as well?

No. Think of antibiotics as a bandaid. It masks the problem but does not solve it. The source of the infection, such as the infected nerve, hasn’t been treated so the infection will continue to spread if left untreated even though you stopped having symptoms.

Are there ways to help anxious patients? Can the root canal treatment be done under general anaesthesia?

Yes! We offer in house general anesthesia for those patients who suffer from dental anxiety. General anesthesia is a great option to help anxious patients complete their treatment, whilst “asleep”.
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