How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Look Natural?

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 23-01-2022

A question we often get asked is “how can I achieve a natural smile through cosmetic dentistry?” At Dental Boutique, we follow a specific formula to get it done right. Watch Dr Reuben discussing the four key steps he takes to achieve a nice and natural smile.

Now being a cosmetic dentist, I mean we get this question a lot, which is I want a natural smile and how can it be natural. How can cosmetic dentistry be natural when you’re using veneers or fillings or bonding. So it’s a question that we get all the time. Now how to make it natural is actually really, really straightforward because we just need to follow a set formula. Now when you do a certain specific task, for you to get it done accurately and do it efficiently, there’s a formula, there’s a way and steps to actually get it done. When you see a smile, there are actually four different things that you look in a smile. There could be more, but these are among my four main top priorities when I look at a smile to make it natural.


Number one. The first one would be the smile or the colour of your teeth should match the whites of the eye. Now when you match the whites of the eye, it creates that nice bright wholesome look. So if it’s way brighter than the whites of the eye, instantly you know when it’s fake. Now if it’s too yellow, then of course, the reason why you’re getting cosmetic dentistry because you want nice white teeth, but it shouldn’t be over the top, it shouldn’t be whiter then whites of the eye because it looks unnatural or fake.

Now the second thing that you look out for in a natural smile is that the edges of your upper teeth, meaning the edges between sizes should actually follow the neckline when you’re smiling. So that way, when you smile, it creates that nice harmony of flow between the teeth and your lower lip, and that way, you get a nice beautiful natural smile because that’s what smiles should be like. Now if your teeth go in the opposite direction, meaning that the edges of the teeth go upside down, you create a frown when you’re smiling. So you’re not frowning when you’re smiling, but your teeth appear like it’s frowning, and you definitely don’t want that, and that makes it look really quite, a little bit unnatural. Sometimes people might get a bit confused with what you’re trying to say or what you’re trying to do.

Now the third thing is that the broadness of the smile. This shouldn’t be too broad to the point where it’s sticking to the sides of your cheeks, but it shouldn’t be too narrow as well, otherwise, someone who’s seeing you might just see the four to six fronts and then everything else disappears in a black hole at the back. So you want it somewhere in the middle, and to achieve that is really quite straightforward all you need to do is, the dentist needs to have a video of you and have a really good set of photos so that he can measure and see how broad your teeth can be. Of course, I mean, to get that there could be steps to get that and everything, but I think that’s the basis of it. Broadness of the smile should be a realistic broadness to match your smile. And finally, the size and the shape of your teeth. Now the size and the shape of your teeth plays a big, big factor in cosmetic dentistry because if you’re quite a small petite lady, you can’t have teeth which are big and long and bulky. If you are a really tall guy, maybe a six foot five and you play footy, you don’t wanna have little small, little stumpy teeth that fits a little girl. So having a size and shape of the teeth that match your face, is really crucial. That makes it natural.

Now size and shape of the teeth also determine what you want to portray. For example, if you wanna appear dominant and more confident, your teeth might be more angular, where there’s less rounded edges. If you wanna be more feminine, or more feminine, let’s put it this way, your teeth might look a bit more curvy, because that’s what feminine, ’cause you wanna be a bit curvy on your teeth. So depending on what you want to portray or what you want your smile to represent you as a person. The size and the shape differs slightly as well. So based on all this four little characteristics or formula to get a smile, once you follow them, you’ll probably get a very nice natural smile.

So before you see someone to get your smile makeover or to get a beautiful smile of your dreams. Make sure that you check in with the person, what the steps are, what’s the formula to get the nice smile and away you go with treatments. All the best of the treatment and go from there. Thanks for watching the video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, and you’ve gained some useful information out of it as well. Now I’ll be putting up the next videos every single week and if you like to see more of this videos. Remember to click subscribe, on the button and I’ll see you in the next video.