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If you’re looking for a denture clinic in Sydney that offers exceptional dental services and compassionate patient care, you’ve come to the right place.

At Dental Boutique Sydney, we take a holistic approach to dentistry. We work with industry-leading technologies and best-practices to ensure you receive only the best oral health care.

If you’re in need of urgent denture repairs, partial dentures or implanted dentures, our Sydney dentists are ready to help you.


What Are Dentures? | Our Sydney Dentists Explain

Dentures are false teeth fittings that replace one or more missing teeth.

Removable dentures have long been used to replace missing teeth, but today, there are many types of dentures that are even more comfortable and practical.

The two main categories of dentures are fixed or flexible dentures.

Flexible dentures sit within the mouth and are supported by the soft and hard tissue that surrounds them. They are removable.

Alternatively, fixed dentures are permanently implanted into the oral cavity and function like your normal teeth.

Dental Boutique: Your Dentures Clinic in Sydney

At Dental Boutique Sydney, we know that dental visits can be nerve-wracking. That’s why we’re committed to creating a calming environment in which all of our patients can feel comfortable and supported.

Our Sydney clinic is led by a team of expert dentists who deliver unparalleled service each and every time.

Our team will discuss your needs, desires and concerns with you and draw upon their expertise to recommend the right dental solution.

Step into our relaxing clinic, equipped with aromatherapy ducted air conditioning, soothing music, views of the tree canopy outside and indoor plantings.

You can even catch up on your favourite Netflix show while receiving treatment.

Types of Dentures & False Teeth Available at Our Sydney Clinic


Partial Dentures at Our Sydney Clinic

Partial dentures, otherwise known as dental bridges, are designed to replace multiple missing teeth in a row.

False teeth are attached to an acrylic base, which is matched to the colour of your gums. The fixture is stabilised by metal supports in your mouth.

Partial dentures are removable and can be used to replace missing teeth on the lower or upper jaw.


Full Dentures

Full dentures work just like partial dentures, but are designed to replace an entire row of teeth rather than a few teeth.

Our denture artisans will create an arch with false teeth attached to a gum-like acrylic base. This fixture sits in your mouth and is held in place by the hard and soft tissue surrounding it.

Full dentures are also removable.


Implanted Dentures at Our Sydney Clinic (All on Implants)

A modern alternative to partial and fixed dentures is All on Implants. This is a type of fixed denture, meaning it is not removable.

Your dentist will secure four implants into your gum lining and attach an arch of artificial teeth upon them.

All on Implants are designed to replace an entire set of missing teeth.



Overdentures are also known as ‘snap-on dentures’.

They are similar to All on Implants, as an arch of false teeth is secured to implants that are fixed into your gums.

However, they are also removable, so you can clean and maintain them with ease.


Dentures with Implants (Dental Implant Bridges)

Dental implant bridges are designed to replace one or more missing teeth.

Dental implants are secured into your jawbone and a bridge of false teeth is permanently attached to them.


Single Implant

A single implant permanently replaces one tooth.

How Much Do Dentures Cost at Sydney’s Dental Boutique?

So, how much are dentures in Sydney?

At Dental Boutique, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile they can feel proud of. We are committed to ensuring that the cost of treatment doesn’t stand in the way of you receiving the dental care you need.

That’s why we offer payment plans from $40 per week. This allows you to receive dentures now and pay later, so that you can enjoy your new smile as soon as possible.

When it comes to the cost of false teeth in Sydney, the total treatment cost will depend on a few factors, including how many teeth need replacing, the materials used, and whether or not you require additional treatments.

For a personalised price breakdown, contact our friendly staff today.

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The Benefits of Getting Dentures at Sydney’s Dental Boutique

Dentures are an excellent treatment option if you’re looking to replace missing, damaged or decayed teeth.

At Dental Boutique Sydney, dentures:

  • Are affordable
  • Are effective at restoring the strength of your bite
  • Will restore your speech
  • Will improve the look of your smile
  • Can increase the function of your mouth

Enquire About Dentures in Sydney at Dental Boutique

Our expert dentists at Dental Boutique Sydney are ready to help you craft the smile of your dreams.

You can enquire about dentures in Sydney at Dental Boutique, or book an appointment with us to begin on your journey to a healthier and happier smile.

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Dental Boutique offers a number of flexible payment plan options and denture costs to suit most budgets, so you can get started with treatment now and pay later.


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