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Brendan’s Story – A Confident Smile with All on Implants™

“Watch out world!”

Dental Concerns:
  • ill fitting partial denture
  • missing most teeth
  • life-long gum disease
  • functionally unable to eat favourite foods

After 57 years, Brendan had never smiled. He had never been able to express who he truly was, always hiding his smile with his upper lip.

Nearly giving up on his search for acceptance and confidence through his smile, Brendan visited Dental Boutique as one last resort to see if a healthy, functional smile was possible to address his concerns. He was suffering from life-long gum disease, ill fitting dentures and was unable to eat his favourite foods including a hearty steak, which we all know requires a decent amount of bite force.

Brendan’s unhappiness due to his smile, left him excluding himself from group conversations and laughing with the people he loved, as he felt he couldn’t let people see his smile. Brendan’s nature is extremely outgoing and he describes himself as someone who enjoys a good ‘yarn’, however his smile was affecting his ability to be himself, converse with others and live life with an ounce of normality.

Brendan was overjoyed to find out that All on Implants™ dental implants could help restore his smile both functionally and aesthetically. With All on Implants™, a treatment that gives you a set of new, permanent and realistic teeth supported on four secure implants, you are left with a smile that’s beautifully spectacular and new teeth that function exactly as a natural set would. This treatment is ideal for people who have lost a lot of teeth, have gum disease, have experienced bone loss already and are looking for an alternative, permanent solution to wearing dentures. For Brendan, this was a miracle treatment that dotted all his I’s and crossed all T’s.

The results of All on Implants treatment for Brendan left him speechless. Whatever your journey looks like, you are welcomed, championed and accepted the moment you walk through our doors. We’re here to journey alongside you, assisting you in achieving the smile you’ve dreamt of.

Define your smile with All on Implants Dental Implants.


All on Implants dental implants on upper and lower teeth

The Results Speak For Themselves

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