I Don’t Want To Wear Dentures

Are You Having Problems With Your Dentures?

The good news is with advanced dental technology, Dentures are not the only option for replacing missing teeth. Often people with dental problems or who wear dentures are afraid to smile and laugh. It may affects your daily function including eating and ability to taste. Socialising and talking can also become challenging.

Treatment Options

All On implants technology is a revolutionary and cost effective technique that allows for a realistic and full replacement of teeth and gums. The treatment involves placement of a full set of fixed teeth within 1-3 days on just four dental implants. The All On Implants technique bypasses the need for extensive bone grafting surgery such as sinus lift procedure that will take a much longer healing time and increased cost procedure.

Benefits Of All On Implants Compared To Dentures:
  • A permanent, fixed solution. They are more functional and secure than regular removable dentures.
  • Looks and feels like natural teeth.
  • Fixed teeth in your mouth in as little as one day
  • High long term success rate

Treatment Length

We aim to carry out All On Implants treatment all on patients in 3 days. However, the length of treatment in our practice may vary depending on your individual conditions.

Does It Hurt?

Patient comfort is our top priority. To ensure our patients are relaxed and comfortable during All On Implants treatment, All On Implants treatment is carried out under sleep dentistry. To reduce discomfort immediately after surgery, we provide our patients with medications and numerous follow up calls.

Why Dental Boutique

We are one of the top practices in Melbourne with the ability and expertise to offer and perform All On Implants treatment.

We aim to design simple, minimal discomfort and predictable smiles. We are trained in smile makeovers and use technology to create predictable 3D smile design photos and videos personalised for you to help you envision what your smile will look like before treatment.

We also go the extra mile to offer you a more fixed and permanent solution to your missing teeth.

How Do We Do This?

One Location, One Team

At Dental Boutique, all your work will be completed in our facility, without the need to travel to different places or hospitals. Your procedure can be completed under General Anesthesia as we collaborate with our in-house Specialist Anesthetist.

Digital Smile Design And Trial Smile

You will get to see and test run what the final result will look and feel like. At this stage, you are able to give us as much feedback as possible before creating the final set of teeth.

Rapid Results

At Dental Boutique, you will receive your teeth in as little as one to three days from your surgery day. We have streamlined our processes and that means that you spend absolutely minimal time without teeth.