I Need All My Teeth Fixed

If you are unhappy with how your smile looks or how your teeth function, the team at Dental Boutique understand that it can be a daunting task trying to understand and decide on what will be best treatment for you to improve your smile and oral health. If you feel you need all of your teeth fixed, we are experienced in providing the best that dentistry has to offer today with a great range of full teeth replacement solutions to meet your dental needs and desires. Common reasons why you may feel you need all of your teeth fixed:

  • Heavily broken down or decayed teeth
  • Uncomfortable dentures
  • Multiple loose or missing teeth
  • Chronic gum and bone disease
  • Chronic jaw and bite problems

Smile Makeover For Full Teeth Replacement

Generally with full teeth replacement treatment, a smile design blueprint is designed ahead of time. Each Smile Makeover is one-of-a-kind, because it is takes into account of your personality, smile, facial structure and skin tone. A simulated final outcome of each smile will be completed using before and after video of you with the personalised mock ups in your mouth. Our method of visual communication will provide peace of mind for you as you can see how your smile would look and what you can achieve.

Treatment Options

To understand your circumstances, we will need to conduct a comprehensive consultation. During this consultation, we will provide an examination and listen to what you want before we offer some possible treatment options. Sometimes, a combination of options may need to be incorporated to achieve your desired outcome.The general options for full teeth replacement are:

  • All on Implants™ Dental Implants

    Dental implants are prosthetic teeth replacements, which are fixed and permanent and feels and looks like natural teeth. Dental implants are the treatment of choice with most patients as there is a significant improvement in the appearance of your aesthetics and function.
    The All on Implants™ procedure can transform your broken down dentition to a full, new set of fixed and permanent teeth in just a few days.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants replace each tooth individually. This solution is ideal for patients who are missing one or a few teeth. Implants replace the root of a natural tooth, and a crown is placed on top to replace the visible part of the tooth.

  • Dentures

    Dentures have been the industry standard for replacing missing teeth for hundreds of years before bridges or implants were available. Dentures may prove to be a good, removable choice for some patients. With recent technology and working together with leading dental laboratories, we are able to create lifelike prosthetic teeth that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. However, dentures may still have the tendency to move around while eating and talking, to fall out when you sneeze or laugh too hard and food trapping under the denture.

Treatment Length

How long the treatment takes to be carried out in our practice may vary depending on your individual conditions.

Does It Hurt?

Naturally, some dental procedures may cause some discomfort depending on treatment type and individual pain threshold.
We endeavour to ensure you you are as comfortable as possible during treatments and offer sedation options for those fearful of treatment, so you can wake up to your new smile without feeling a thing!

Why Dental Boutique For Full Teeth Treatment

Our Mission Is To Go The Extra Mile To Help You Achieve Your Smile Goals.
  • We listen and discuss any of your smile or dental concerns you may have.
  • We evaluate your needs and explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment.
  • We offer you a range of smile solutions options which is personalised to your smile.
  • We do not favour one treatment option over another, allowing you to make an informed decision you are most comfortable with.
  • During this visit, we will provide an examination and listen to what you want before we offer some possible options and approximate costs.
  • We show you proven outcomes of patients that have similar treatments to the one you may require.
  • Whatever your requirements, we can offer a solution and the results can be truly life changing.