Patient Story

Amelia Webb Melbourne Makeup Artist

Patient Story

Amelia Webb Melbourne Makeup Artist

Who is the client?

Amelia Webb Celebrity Melbourne Makeup Artist


Dental problems:



Amelia is a Makeup Artist in Melbourne and has worked with many renowned clients such as Sophie Cachia and Jane Scandizzo. She is a gorgeous patient both inside and out who was super self-conscious of her gappy left-side profile and her chipped and uneven front teeth. Amelia visited Dental Boutique excited to complete porcelain veneer and gum lift treatment to create her dream smile – a natural, beautiful smile.


How long did it take?

Amelia’s treatment was completed in 4 weeks and 5 visits.

1st visit: Comprehensive cosmetic smile examination and moulds and impressions for smile design. This included:

    • Comprehensive dental examination and explanation of findings
    • Soft tissue and gum check
    • Oral cancer check
    • Bite Analysis
    • A series of dental photographs
    • A discussion about your dental concerns, goals and desires
    • An opportunity to view examples of previous real-life clients
    • An opportunity to ask a dentist any questions you may have about our treatments
    • A personalised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs

2nd visit: Thorough dental scale and clean, teeth whitening consultation and in chair teeth whitening session completed
3rd visit: Wax up models shown to preview new smile and 5 temporary veneers and 5 gum lift completed
4th visit: Cementation of 5 porcelain veneers handmade by Master Ceramist and impressions for night splint completed
5th visit: Smile review and night splint and take home kit collected

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