Tips for Melbourne Brides to Get the Perfect Wedding Smile

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 22-01-2022

Weddings take a lot of work — hours spent visiting locations, tasting food, trying on dresses, and arranging seating charts — all so that your special day will go off without a hitch. And, of course, you want to be a picture-perfect bride, so you’ll plan out every last thing, from your hairdo to your pedicure. But have you thought about your teeth? You’ll be smiling all the way through the happiest day of your life, so here are some tips to get the very best wedding day smile.


5 tips for the perfect smile on your wedding day

We here at Dental Boutique have put together this shortlist of tips to help you have a radiant smile on your special day.

1. Plan ahead

Before you’re even used to the weight of the engagement ring on your finger you should book in to visit us. If you want to make any big changes to your smile before your wedding day, you’ll need plenty of time to discuss your options with our team and to plan out your appointments. We’ll need enough time to finish any treatment at least two weeks before your wedding. Even if you know you don’t want any big work done on your smile, you should book in for a clean just before the big day so your teeth will be at their very best.

2. A smile to match the dress

Many brides dream of the perfect white dress without realizing that wearing white can often make your teeth appear yellow. Instead of ditching your dream dress, you might want to explore your teeth whitening options. A chairside whitening treatment or a take-home kit might be your speed, or, if you want a more permanent solution to sparkling white teeth, you might consider veneers. Come visit us for a tooth whitening consultation to talk through your options.

3. Your grinning groom

While you might have your wedding day smile all sorted, have you given any thought to your future hubby’s? He might love the chance to fix that chip he got playing footy and take care of the coffee staining before the big day. After all, he’ll want to flash you his most charming smile as he watches you walking down the aisle.

4. Smile Practice

How many times have you given your very best smile for a photo only to be completely disappointed with the result? A little lopsided, a bit too toothy, and why in the world were you squinting your eyes like that? It might sound silly, but practising your smile in the mirror is a really good idea. You’ll be looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life, so put in a bit of extra work to make sure you have the perfect “glowing bride” smile on lockdown. Get all your bridesmaids in on it and turn smile practice into a group bonding activity that will have everyone laughing their heads off.

5. On the big day

On the day of the wedding, and ideally several weeks before, avoid coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, dark berries and soda so as not to undo all of the work you’ve put into having a picture perfect smile. Speak to the photographer about angles before your photo session. If you have crooked teeth the angle of the photograph can make all the difference, so experiment with which angles show you off at your best and then work them in front of the camera. Give your teeth a last minute brush before the ceremony so that your first kiss as husband and wife is minty fresh.

Let Dental Boutique help you get ready for the big day

Here at Dental Boutique our focus on aesthetic excellence will help you look your very best for your wedding day. We pride ourselves on creating individually tailored smiles that look natural and fulfil all your dental dreams.

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