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Dental Porcelain is a tooth-coloured material used for dental fillings here in Melbourne. It’s favoured by our clinicians because of its ability to mimic how a tooth looks and functions, and garners very natural results.

Our expert dentists at Dental Boutique Melbourne can even colour-match the shade of your porcelain filling with the tooth to which it’s being applied.

Not only do porcelain dental fillings give a pearly white shine, but they reflect light much like your tooth enamel does, which allows them to completely blend in with your existing teeth.


Porcelain Dental Fillings Melbourne

Dental porcelain has properties similar to tooth enamel. It is a tooth coloured substance that is partly translucent, that absorbs and reflects light to mimic the properties of a pearly white shine.

A porcelain inlay or onlay, on occasion, has superior properties over that of a traditional dental filling.

With the advancement in dental technology, there are many other alternatives to amalgam such as direct composite (tooth coloured) dental fillings, and indirect porcelain fillings (Inlays/ Onlays).

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Why Choose Porcelain Dental Fillings

Until recent years, the only material available for dental fillings was mercury-based metal amalgam (you may remember seeing fillings being a metallic silver colour).

While metal amalgam fillings were effective in strengthening a tooth after cavities or decay, there was growing concern around whether mercury fillings were safe.

Porcelain fillings provide a safe alternative to mercury fillings and equally strengthen your teeth years after your treatment.

Direct composite fillings also provide a safe alternative; however, they do not garner the same natural-looking results as porcelain fillings.

Benefits of Porcelain Dental Fillings Melbourne

  1. Durable And Long-Lasting
  2. Strengthens Your Tooth
  3. Stain Resistant
  4. Easy To Care For
  5. Blends In With Existing Teeth

Dental Fillings & Costs Near Me

Dental Boutique Melbourne provides award-winning general and cosmetic treatments for all of your oral care needs.

Whether you’re looking for a porcelain dental filling or a whole smile revamp, our capable dentists have the care and expertise needed to transform your smile.

At each step of the way, our clinicians will listen to your goals and concerns and answer any questions you may have about your treatment. We’ll also utilise industry-leading technology to garner the best results.

Enjoy our ambient, soothing clinic and watch your favourite Netflix shows during your treatment, knowing you’re in safe hands at Dental Boutique Melbourne.


Tooth Filling Cost Melbourne

At Dental Boutique Melbourne, we believe the price of dental care shouldn’t prevent you from seeking the treatment you deserve.

To make all of our treatments accessible to you, we offer dental payment plans from as little as $40 a week — letting you receive your treatment today and pay tomorrow.

The cost of dental fillings in Melbourne can vary depending on the materials we use, the level of decay, the size and location of your filling, and any other factors or treatments that may need to be addressed prior to your dental filling.

For an accurate breakdown of dental filling costs, contact our friendly Melbourne team today.

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