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Dental anxiety is very common, so if you find your biannual dental visits daunting, know that you’re not alone. In fact, eight out of ten Australians have some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist.

Dental anxiety can sometimes become so severe that patients may forgo dental checkups altogether. However, leaving dental issues untreated can lead to significant physical and psychological health issues.

While dental fear can be very challenging to deal with, it can be minimised with the right solutions. Sleep dentistry is just one of the options available to you if you are dealing with dental anxiety.

At Dental Boutique Melbourne, sleep dentistry is one of our most sought-after services. Here’s what you need to know about our sleep dentistry services in Melbourne.


Can You Be Put to Sleep for Dental Work?

Patients with severe dental anxiety can be put to sleep for dental work.

Sleep dentistry — also known as general anaesthesia dentistry and IV sedation dentistry — involves performing dental procedures while a patient is under general anaesthesia (GA).

GA causes the patient to sleep through the procedure, minimising the patient’s anxiety and discomfort.

In many cases, patients under GA end up having no memory of the procedure at all.

Sleep Dentistry Melbourne: Is it Right for You?

While sedation dentistry is most commonly recommended for people suffering from dental anxiety, it is also recommended for people with conditions that make dental procedures difficult.

Sleep dentistry may be the right option for you if you

  • Have anxiety and fear around dental procedures
  • Have experienced a previous traumatic dental experience
  • Have a generalised anxiety disorder
  • Have a low pain tolerance or very sensitive oral nerve endings
  • Are resistant to local anaesthetics
  • If you have a small mouth or jaw condition that causes you to tire from keeping your mouth open during a long procedure

More and more people are turning to sleep dentistry for a variety of procedures. Statistics show us that

  • 7.2% of patients prefer sedation for cleaning procedures
  • 18% prefer it for fillings or crowns
  • 46.5% prefer it for tooth extraction
  • 54.7% prefer it for endodontics
  • 68.2% prefer it for periodontal surgery

With our Melbourne sleep dentistry services, you can keep your dental health in check without the associated anxiety.

What Type of Sleep Dentistry is Right for You?

You will need to determine the source of your anxiety when considering whether or not sleep dentistry is right for you.

Some sleep dentistry methods involve IV sedation, which won’t be appropriate if you have a fear of needles.

There are oral medications that can also help to keep you relaxed during your treatment, so these may be more suitable.

There are different options available for you to consider. You can get in touch with us to discuss our sleep dentistry options in Melbourne.

Our Melbourne Sleep Dentist Clinic

At Dental Boutique, the comfort and well-being of our patients is a top priority.

We are committed to delivering exceptional and comprehensive dental care while ensuring our patients feel safe and calm during their treatment.

Our general anaesthetic dentists are experienced in completing sleep dentistry procedures for patients with dental anxiety and other health concerns that make dentist visits difficult.

If you’re in need of sleep dentistry in Melbourne, we are here to help.

Find Sedation Dentistry Near Me

If you’re interested in sleep dentistry in Melbourne, we are here to help.

Located in Balwyn, our Melbourne Dental Boutique clinic is an award-winning practice.

We have endeavoured to create a calming, welcoming, and friendly atmosphere at our clinic. Our clinic features views of a tree canopy, natural light, piped music, indoor plantings, and aromatherapy ducted through air conditioning.

It is our mission to ensure that your dental treatment is as comfortable and seamless as possible.

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Sleep Dentistry Melbourne: Costs & Payment Plans

Sleep or otherwise known as sedation dentistry costs can be included in a payment plan if you choose to pay over an extended period of time. Sedation costs include the equipment and supplies used during the procedure as well as the time it takes for the anesthetist to administer anesthesia. Sedation is an extra (price) on top of the required treatment.

Want to know more about payment plans at Dental Boutique?

Initial new patient consultations are free; you will just need to provide a $50 deposit to secure a booking. This deposit can then be refunded or put towards your service.

If you decide to go ahead with treatment, there is an additional $100 deposit fee.

We believe that dental health is essential for everyone, but we understand finances can sometimes get in the way.

We offer payment plans to our patients so that they can start their treatment right away and enjoy a healthy, beautiful smile as soon as possible.

Depending on your treatment type, payment plans begin from as little as $40.

You can book an initial consultation to discuss your sleep dentistry costs with our team.

During this introductory appointment, one of our dentists will discuss your options and help determine if sleep dentistry is right for you. Your initial consultation will carry no obligation to go ahead with treatment.