Teeth Whitening Melbourne


You don’t have to live with a smile you don’t like for a moment longer. Teeth whitening procedures can lighten, clean, and refresh your smile, replacing years of discolouration and stains with a brighter, younger appearance.

Teeth Whitening Services

At Dental Boutique, we offer two forms of teeth whitening services at our Melbourne Clinic; in-chair and take-home teeth whitening.


Our teeth whitening dentists apply gel to your teeth and using LED light with a blue spectrum, it takes just 60 minutes to get a good result. Within 60 minutes to 80 minutes, you get the same result with the take-home kit in two to four weeks! However, your teeth might get more sensitive than the take-home kit because, while it’s speedy, we use a more potent gel to get that good result.

At Dental Boutique, we conduct over 30 successful teeth whitening treatments every week at our Melbourne Dental Clinic alone. This is a testament to the expertise and efficiency that our team consistently delivers.


For the take-home treatment, you are given a tray or mould of your teeth and a teeth whitening gel to be applied manually for 2-4 weeks. There are pros and cons to this technique, it extends the process compared to a 1-hour session in-house, and if there are any roadblocks such as getting sick, going on holidays, or losing momentum, results can be impacted.


Our Melbourne Teeth Whitening Clinic

Offering teeth whitening in the heart of Balwyn, Dental Boutique is an award-winning dental practice that believes in challenging mediocrity within the dental industry. Dental Boutique has created an extraordinary experience for patients in a spectacular setting, including views of the tree canopy outside, natural lighting, running water, soothing music, internal plantings and even aromatherapy ducted through the air conditioning.

Benefits of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

  • Clean Aesthetic
  • Increased confidence and motivation
  • Eradicated grime and plaque
  • Convenience; in-chair or take-home
  • Lasting results

Teeth Whitening Costs Melbourne

We provide payment plans for routine, aesthetic, and specialised dental treatment. While many of our new patients are enticed by the opportunity to pay over time, they may often be pleasantly surprised to learn that teeth whitening costs are less than anticipated.

Dental Boutique offers payment plans to help you start treatment right away without finance as a barrier. Your personalised Patient Coordinator at Dental Boutique can assist you in selecting the best payment plan strategy based on your budget and lifestyle.

Dental Boutique offers payment plans starting from $100 per week.

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The Result

Everyone experiences teeth whitening results differently. Everyone’s tooth chemistry is unique, and its compatibility with the gel depends on the previous state of the teeth. If there are years of stains, including red wine, coffee or cigarettes, the results may be less significant compared to an individual who may not partake in such aspects.

We believe that educating patients about the effects of teeth whitening during the pre-consultation is the key to attaining realistic expectations.

Struggling with Sensitivity

One of the deterrents that individuals experience is the phobia of teeth sensitivity during the in-chair or take-home treatment. At Dental Boutique, we specialise in accommodating these anxieties through customising the treatment according to your sensitivity. We use two types of teeth whitening gel that offer different levels of concentration; hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide.

Dental Boutique also offers desensitising gel that provides almost instant relief for those suffering from sensitivity.

We tailor your treatment according to your smile.

Dental Boutique Melbourne - Your Dental Practice of Choice

Experience & Care

With more than 20 years of providing teeth whitening, we ensure your experience is professional and relaxing at the highest level to achieve the best possible results.

One-Stop Dental Care

Our highly qualified dental team delivers the most comprehensive dentistry, all under one roof, without travelling elsewhere.

Flexible Payment Plans

Dental Boutique offers a number of flexible payment plan options and teeth whitening costs to suit most budgets, so you can get started with treatment now and pay later.


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Frequently Asked Questions On Teeth Whitening

Can teeth whitening cause headaches?

Teeth whitening, in general, does not cause headaches. There is no relation between the enamel of the teeth to the muscles in the head or around the brain; however, when there is sensitivity from the teeth whitening, patients may perceive this as a headache or tension. This can be counteracted by taking pain relief 1 hour before treatment and again at the 4-hour mark post-treatment.

Can teeth whitening damage your teeth?

It’s essential to communicate to your dentist if you have any cavities, pain, or gum disease that you’re experiencing, as teeth whitening treatment could cause permanent damage by seeping into the tooth’s root.

It’s also crucial to adhere to the post-treatment instructions given to you by the dentist. Drinking or eating foods and liquids with staining qualities will stain your teeth post-treatment. The blue light aspect of the treatment opens the micropores on your teeth to let the gel in and clear any stains. There is a 3-day window where these pores stay open and will partially take on any stain they encounter.

Other than this, teeth whitening cannot damage your teeth.

Will teeth whitening damage veneers?

Teeth whitening will not damage veneers as veneers are completely unaffected by the treatment. We do not suggest receiving teeth whitening treatment with veneers, as this could cause discolouration and inconsistency in the aesthetics of your natural teeth.

Will teeth whitening remove stains?

The sole purpose of teeth whitening is to remove stains. But the success of the treatment depends on the current state of your teeth. All of us have a different genetic makeup and are completely unique in the structure of our teeth and the history of our diet and habits. For someone that drinks coffee, red wine, and smokes cigarettes, teeth whitening treatment may not be as efficient as an individual that does not partake in such aspects.

Will teeth whitening work on bonding?

Bonding materials are unaffected by teeth whitening gel, and one must update the shade of their bonded tooth if they wish to receive teeth whitening treatment.


Have Questions?

We invite you to experience our no obligation cosmetic smile assessment to help guide, educate and confirm if Teeth Whitening is right for you. Our friendly and highly trained team are passionate and meticulous about creating beautiful and lasting smiles

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we would discuss all the different options available to you in your unique situation. We believe in supporting our clients in all the decision they make and tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s budget and lifestyle. Each member of our team is committed to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

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