Smile Makeovers: what they involve and how they’re completed at Dental Boutique

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 22-01-2022

Smile Makeovers are becoming more and more popular as dental treatments become more advanced and require less recovery time.

Many dentists advertise smile makeovers, however many people do not understand what is included within a makeover and why they can make such a difference.

Smile Makeovers are often a combination of cosmetic dental treatments provided close in succession for a dramatic overall result. There is no set cost or included treatments list which means they do vary from dentist to dentist.


Why would I want a smile makeover?

If you have been unhappy with your smile for an extended period of time, or if something has recently happened that has made you unhappy about your smile there may be a combination of treatments that can restore your teeth.

In many cases patients want a straighter, whiter smile, some need to replace a tooth, some have unevenly shaped teeth or permanent discolouration.
When you are having dental treatment for aesthetic reasons often a combination of treatments can provide the best result.

What is the process for Smile Makeovers at Dental Boutique in Melbourne?

STEP 1 : Smile Assessment/ Evaluation

This is the very first visit where we get to sit down over a coffee or tea and discuss your dental problems, concerns, goals and desires. We will take photos of your current smile and evaluate your smile with you. We will then show you examples of previous clients who had similar problems as you do, so you get an idea of what is involved and what can be achieved. See if Dental Boutique is the right place for you to continue on the journey to achieve your dream smile.

STEP 2 : Smile Design, Preview and Trial your New Smile

Once you have decided on your choice of treatment, we will work closely with you to create an ideal smile based on your aspirations, facial shape and colour, and personal characteristics. From here, we can preview and trial your new smile before you even get started! We would not proceed to the next step until you are completely happy with your smile design.

STEP 3 : Transform your Smile

Once we are happy with the result of the smile design, you can have your dream smile made into reality in as few as two visits! If you feel uncomfortable or worried, you have the option of sleep dentistry, and have your dream smile made while you are asleep!

If you are considering a Smile Makeover in Melbourne arrange your consultation with our dentists.