Composite Bonding Melbourne

Is it possible that you have a chipped, discoloured, misaligned, or improperly spaced tooth? Dental composite bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment that may be ideal for you!

What is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding, often known as dental bonding, is a type of adhesive dentistry that involves your dentist placing a tooth-coloured resin over a fractured, misaligned, or misplaced tooth to restore its position, size, or form. The resin is bonded to the structure of your tooth and aids in the overall look, aesthetics and functionality of your smile.

Dental bonding adhesives can adhere to just about any substance, ranging from enamel to dentin, metal, porcelain, ceramic or zirconia, with a single application. This ensures that your fillings stay in place for a long time.

If you’re in Melbourne and composite bonding sounds like the treatment that fits your circumstance, maybe it’s time to book an appointment?

Our Composite Bonding Clinic in Melbourne

Offering dental bonding in Melbourne, Dental Boutique is an award-winning dental practice that believes in challenging mediocrity within the dental industry. Dental Boutique has created an extraordinary experience for patients in a spectacular setting, including views of the tree canopy outside, natural lighting, running water, soothing music, internal plantings and even aromatherapy ducted through the air conditioning.

The Benefits of Dental Bonding

  • Eliminates any chips, cracks or misalignment
  • Prevent bacteria and decay
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Improves functionality
  • Delivers a confident smile

Dental Bonding Costs

Dental Boutique offers payment plans starting from $100 per week. Dental bonding costs in Melbourne may vary based on the severity of damage, the number of teeth that need work, the materials used, whether additional services are required and many other factors. For accurate pricing on dental implants, please get in touch with the team at Dental Boutique below.

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Your Treatment

The procedure, from beginning to end, typically takes between thirty minutes and an hour. If you have more than one tooth treated at once, various appointments may be required to complete the treatment, this will be discussed during your first treatment and consultation.


Smile Design

  • We begin by understanding your goals, facial structure, and colour.
  • We set up a photo and video shoot at our studio to gather data for a smile showcase and sample.
  • We preview and trial your new smile.

Choose The Shade

Once you’ve been authorised for the operation, your dentist will suggest a shade of material that matches your current set of teeth to ensure the filling appears as natural as possible. You may collaborate with your dentist to pick a colour that you like! We enjoy working with our patients since each time we do so, we’re able to provide a collaborative and successful result.


Application of Bonding

When it’s time for your dentist to apply the resin, it’s moulded and smoothened to the precise form. The resin is hardened with blue ultraviolet light. Your dentist will then shape, polish, and trim it further to give your smile that polished appearance.

Dental Boutique Melbourne - Your Dental Practice of Choice

Experience & Care

With more than 20 years of providing dental composite bonding, we ensure your experience is professional and relaxing at the highest level to achieve the best possible results.

One-Stop Dental Care

Our highly qualified dental team delivers the most comprehensive dentistry all under one roof, without the need to travel elsewhere.

Flexible Payment Plans

Dental Boutique offers a number of flexible payment plan options and teeth composite bonding costs to suit most budgets, so you can get started with treatment now and pay later.


Have More Questions?

We invite you to experience our no obligation cosmetic smile assessment to help guide, educate and confirm if Dental Bonding is right for you. Our friendly and highly trained team are passionate and meticulous about creating beautiful and lasting smiles

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we would discuss all the different options available to you in your unique situation. We believe in supporting our clients in all the decision they make and tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s budget and lifestyle. Each member of our team is committed to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

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